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Attention ERASMUS Coordinators in Higher Education Institutions of Europe


Dear ERASMUS Coordinators,

The European Association of ERASMUS Coordinators (EAEC) has been contributing for years for the success of the ERASMUS mobility programmes. We believe that the dynamics for the new programme under ERASMUS+ are even better with the International ERASMUS included in the play.  We designed a survey, called ERASMUS+ Barometer, for collecting useful information from the main actors in the HE Institutions managing the ERASMUS programme. A support letter from the European Commission can be found on the survey site. The information is collected on a yearly basis and analysed in an approach of monitoring indicators of progress and success. The results are officially announced every year during the ERASMUS Congress and Exhibition, known as ERACON Congress, as well as in a Session during EAIE annual conference. For the success of ERASMUS+ mobility actions it is very important to be able to have feedback from all stakeholders from the very beginning of the programme and during its development.
Each year the survey may include additional questions, following the need analysis and the results of the discussions during the ERACON Congress each year.

Therefore, we invite all HE Institutions, participating in ERASMUS+ Mobility Programmes, to consider this survey as their survey, on the basis that the results will help all of us.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and support.

The Management Board
European Association of ERASMUS Coordinators

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